Monday, January 25, 2010

Can't Get There From Here

The ferry to Victoria, the Coho, went into its annual drydock today. Returns to service on February 10. Though I had no plan to go to Victoria in the next month or so, I'm ridiculously nervous about the situation. I can see the Other Country over there out my window, lights gleaming from the other side of the Strait. But you can't really get there. No ferry from here, and the ferry from Anacortes doesn't go to Vancouver Island in the winter; the Sidney run starts up again at the end of March.

AND a landslide has closed the road to Hurricane Ridge, nearly totally removed it. Two month, two million dollar repair. AND oh-by-the-way, they keep announcing brief closures of the Hood Canal Bridge, for tests on the opening mechanism.

... (Click for larger image.)

We're just here, you know, on the Northwest Corner of the continent. Not going anywhere.

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