Monday, January 12, 2009

Grebe, Goldeneye, Scoter, Surfer, Harlequin, Cormorant...

Sunday, at the mouth of the Elwha River, west bank. Just past high tide—several cars of surfers left the parking area as I was arriving. Waves still splashing in, and birds and surfers still at work.

At the Elwha Nearshore program (1)(2) on Thursday, one of the presenters pointed out that people used to go clamming near the Elwha mouth, and at Ediz Hook, where today there is only a cobble wasteland. The geologist and biologist presenters looked forward to the restoration of sediment to the Elwha drift cell when the dams come out. When... one of the slides gave the date as 20012. The audience cracked up, the ever-postponed date for dam removal having taken a truly long slide into the future this time. Good eats at the program, provided by the Surfrider Foundation.

Cobbly shore. (Click for larger image.)
Surfer Guy. (Click for larger image.)

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