Saturday, January 10, 2009

First Beach

On Friday, went to First Beach instead of Rialto, as the Park recording in the morning still listed the Mora road as closed and I forgot to call again when I turned off the highway and went out of cell signal range. Grubby weather. It mostly rained, very lightly; I was dry and overheated in six layers, rain pants, knee boots.

Eagles everywhere. Several along the lake, a couple at the beach. I stalked one for quite a while, he moved from log to log, never perching near enough for my little camera to do him justice. When I left he had flown down onto the sand among the gulls and was sitting there pretending to be something he was not. 'Oh pay me no mind, I am just a gull or a crow, hanging around watching the waves come in.'

First Beach. Rain. (Click for larger image.)
First Beach. Jumbles of fresh small drift. Tide going out. (Click for larger image.)
Eagle shifting to a new perch. (Click for larger image.)

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Sky said...

makes me hungry for the ocean.