Monday, December 22, 2008

Thoroughly Wild

Fourteen more fishers were reintroduced to Olympic National Park yesterday. "They're active and speedy tree climbers," says Saturday's newspaper article. They're active and speedy, period. As with the releases earlier this year in January and March, every photo shows them running like crazy the moment the cage is opened. If determination has anything to do with it, these guys are going to thrive and repopulate the mountains...

NPS Photos by Janis Burger, from the Park's press release.

Female 027 leaves crate. (Click for larger image.)
Female 028 leaves crate (Click for larger image.)
Male 032 leaves crate (Click for larger image.)

Go, critters, go. Make lots of babies.


Sky said...

we are surrounded by a frozen white terrain with our birds and squirrels keeping us entertained outside the windows.

thanks for this informative post and the links. i have never heard of these little fellows. i hope they are successful in their efforts to repopulate.

Anonymous said...

Third photo...whoppeee!!!!