Thursday, October 30, 2008

Feeling the Darkness Approaching

Never mind today's numbers (well, ok, mind: sunrise 7:57 AM, sunset 5:57 PM),

or what happens on Sunday when the time changes (sunrise 7:01 AM, sunset 4:53 PM)(don't let the time change fool you into not noticing the absolute loss of 8 minutes of daylight in three days).

What seems to matter, and I've been running this calculation in my head since maybe August, over and over, is how long before the days are again at least as long as they are right now. And the answer at the moment is that on February 10, 2009, the days will again be the same length they are today. Three long dark months and a bit from now.

Sunrise yesterday.

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Sky said...

i thought i had left a comment. maybe i left one in my mind! ;)

i am going to miss the light, but will comfort myself with warm firelight and books or this trusty old laptop until hubby comes dragging in from the office wayyyyyyy past dark! i always feel bad for those who work and who never see the light in winter.

beautiful sunrise photo.