Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Did Went West Over the Weekend,

(thank you for asking, J.B.) Went first up the Sol Duc River, to see if somehow there were still salmon jumping at the Cascade. No. Much less water flow in the river than when they were jumping before I went to Colorado. Some fish cruising around in the pool below, but nobody jumping. Is it over? Or are they waiting for higher water flow?

The sun crosses much lower in the sky, even at midday the forest at the Cascade has that low-angle-sunshine glow. It made the crimson of the vine maples almost surreal, but I couldn't get a good picture.

The forest at the Cascade

Out at Rialto, the waves came in the way they do.

Rialto Beach. Click for larger image.

Coming home, stopped just behind the beach at the pullout over the Quileute River, to look for ducks and seals and eagles and whatever. I always look for seals because I saw once saw one there. No seals, nor ducks.

Quileute River. Click for larger image.

Sat and read for a while, and heard eagles cry. (They have little voices.) I looked up to see three of them way way up, circling over the river. Too far for a good image.

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