Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Whoo Hoo: Orcas in the Harbor

According to Orcanetwork, "There were 5 transients that went into Port Angles Harbour on the afternoon of the 9th. They were T41, T41A, T44, T109A and T109A2." According the the news article they appeared around 2 PM. So I was at work, and then at the laundromat, while I was missing my chance to see orcas from shore Right Here.

(My colleague J.R. told us on Friday morning that Thursday afternoon he and his wife had seen orcas from the tribe's beach at Angeles Point.)


Anonymous said...

Just back today from a trip to Australia where I got to see my first ever whales. Humpbacks. They came very close and lifted up their amazing crusty heads and looked right into my eyes with their eyes. Then the most curious or tamest would swim over to the edge of the boat till I could almost touch him. A small boat, 19 people, the engine would stop and we would rock gently while we watched them roll and drift and swim under the boat and rise up to look at us again in our red boat. And we got to see one of them breech. When they swam away, our boat followed them slowly and gently and then it began again. I think I get it now.

Sky said...

i want to see them so badly! wish we would happen to be in the right place at the right time. we have made 3 different whaling cruises to see them, and we have seen every other whale genre that swims in these waters, but no black and white beauties yet. :(

hoping you get a glimpse!