Sunday, September 14, 2008

Actual Ocean

Always the same place, about 80 minutes from home. So. Out to the end of Rialto Beach, Sunday last. It was a perfect blue day. I filled the camera with attempts to capture pelicans,

and waves striking rocks. Pelicans floating, pelicans hunting, pelicans diving. As most often, I stopped short of the end of the beach, at the spot where, the first time I saw it, I thought it was the most beautiful beach I'd ever been on. Click for larger images.

Perfect blue day
Sea stacks before the arch: the guardian stones

And again at sunset on Thursday, with M. Pelicans diving, chipmunk on the beach. Hike out to within reach of the sea stacks, sit on a log, picnic. We hiked back just in time, the sun touching the horizon as we left, the whole visible world composed of golden light.

Rialto Beach, looking north, evening
Rialto Beach, looking south, evening

I should have gone again yesterday.

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Sky said...

just lovely. my blogger profile photo was taken at rialto with me sitting on a piece of driftwood looking out toward the ocean. such an amazing beach.
(forgive me if i have already told you this. my memory is not what it once was!)