Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pelican Migration. Who Knew?

Rialto Beach in foggy weather. Pelicans passing by for hours, flying north to south. They flew by in threes and twelves and thirties, not fishing, not hanging around, just flying by, flying by. We can't find any book or web page that tells us that that's what pelicans do on the Washington coast at the end of September. That we saw what we saw.

Out there they are fluid, graceful. They skim the water, they rise up, they bunch, they spread out. Direct links: (1)(2)

Overhead they are astonishing: six-foot wingspans.


More to tell: then we went around to the other side of the river, birds and things in La Push. Then we when we came home we went straight out onto Ediz Hook where the only action whatsoever was a loon on the Strait side. Then we went out on the deck at 8:30 and watched Golden Princess pass by the bottom of the street, a rectangle of bright lights steaming past in the dark. No wonder there haven't been any visible cruise ships. Sunset moved but the sailing schedule did not.)

Right now we gotta dart out to the Hoh Rainforest and get rained on.

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