Saturday, September 27, 2008

Any Day With Harlequin Ducks In It... a particularly good day.

Went out to Salt Creek Park pretty early this morning. Tomorrow is the Audubon Society event with the Olympic Vulture Study, but I wanted to get out of the house, and besides who said the birds would wait for tomorrow. The tide was well out over the Tongue Point tidepools. Saw a tern dive and catch something, in Crescent Bay. Some auklets, some cormorants. Gulls of course. And lots of harlequin ducks, chasing each other around and making their bath-toy squeaks and generally not behaving with the sort of dignity you'd attribute to such an elegantly marked critter.

Diane McCrae turned up with her scope after about an hour, but the migrating turkey vultures did not. We shared giggles over the harlequins, and pointed out other birds to each other. She keeps peanuts in her pockets and tosses them out to the crows; well, it must get boring sitting there day after day waiting for hundreds (or thousands) of turkey vultures to cross the Strait and start streaming by overhead so she can count them on her tally sheet.

Blue-grey morning, Salt Creek Park

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