Saturday, August 30, 2008

Report from the Watcher of Ships

Twice this week when I was driving around downtown I saw the Coho approaching his ferry dock, all big and cheerful and energetic. And I thought there might be ducks coming back. So I went out on the Hook yesterday evening. Ferry not visible, he was over in Victoria. Plenty of people driving out, standing on the rocks to look at the saltwater, then going away again. Three young men came out to fly a fierce kite in the considerable wind, then drove away again.

A timber barge was towed by. This was really startling; I didn't know that this Port ships timber and I can't remotely imagine the little tug and the low low flat barge heaped high with logs heading out from the Strait into the ocean, so where were they going?

Terns diving, with so definite a splat that I kept imagining I could hear them over the wind. No ducks. A little Coast Guard boat pulled up on the public boat ramp, was loaded onto a trailer, then entered the adjacent gate into the Coast Guard station. Surely the station has its own ramp inside the fence? Another mystery.

The usual summer Friday flock of three outbound cruise ships, the third a particularly stylish-looking one whose family (cruise line) I couldn't recognize, logo on the stack unfamiliar and I couldn't get the binoculars to focus on the name on the prow. Turns out (according to the Seattle cruise port schedule) to have been Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas.

Sunset straight into the strait, but much further south than a month ago. Soon it will be setting over land.

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Sky said...

your posts make me want to take a ferry to Pt Angeles and hang out on the peninsula for a while! lovely photos and fabulous journaling.

mb in Port Angeles said...

Thanks. One year and a little bit after arriving here, I am still having a really good time.

You could come visit...

samcandide said...

me me me too

I love your photos. Thank you for keeping up the post-age.