Thursday, August 28, 2008


I don't usually notice what not having a TV leaves me out of. But I wish I were there with everybody watching Obama be nominated tonight. It matters. Hunting for an online stream that does not require that I install a new player... aha.


Sky said...

hope you got to see his thursday night acceptance speech. i could not live without my television and the news channels. many days i do not watch but when a news story is breaking i am glued. just like today with gov. sarah palin being announced as the republican vp. who is she exactly and what makes her qualified to be in charge of the country and a leading power in the world should anything happen to the nominee, a 72 year old man with a hisotry of melanoma? oh dear - and wanting to teach creationism in school and remove the polar bear from the protected list...did you hear? i don't think she is a real option for hillary's disappointed supporters unless they compromise everything they believe in to vote for a woman. surely not.

mb in Port Angeles said...

Yup. Had to hunt around quite a bit to find a video stream that did not require me to install a different viewer-plugin, but got connected just in time.

Re glued to the news, yes I am remembering three years ago this holiday weekend, I got tuned in to a video stream from a New Orleans TV station broadcasting for the duration out of Baton Rouge, and watched Katrina news for three days. I cried when I saw the buses finally taking the people out of the giant hellholes, away to Houston, driving off into the dusk. "The churches will take care of them," I thought to myself. Which I gather turned out to be mostly so.

mb in Port Angeles said...

Hope I don't have to sit here in my desk chair and watch New Orleans get flooded again.