Saturday, May 17, 2008


The ferry schedule changed this week. It now goes back and forth three times a day. (In the winter only twice; at midsummer four times a day.) I get to learn a whole new pattern for when to watch for it, or listen. Especially with the weather so warm and the windows open, I hear the ferry blast its horn at the beginning and end of its runs. One blatt when it is leaving the dock and heading to the next country north. A long blatt and two short ones as it rounds Ediz Hook and into the harbor. "Ho-o-o-o-me, I'm home," it sings out, basso profundo.

I can see it out there on the water between here and Victoria, if I am looking when it sails across my view. I had the winter schedule internalized. Would glance at the clock and then wildly scan my bit of horizon. Or spot it way way out there and then look at the clock only to confirm, yes of course it's the Coho, yes of course I recognize it no matter how small and far away. As soon as I learn the shifted times, I have more opportunities each day for this pleasure.

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