Saturday, May 17, 2008

As For Example Now

It's hot and murky out there. It's 11:20AM. If the ferry left dock in Victoria at 10:30 AM, mightn't it be visible just now? Yes, dimly, to the right of the brick chimney, to the left of those two tall conifers; and it must be dealing with a tide because it appears to be heading west of south, away from the harbor... Oooh look, a military ship of some sort (I think)(big flag, lots of communication antennae, nothing that appears to be container freight), to the left of the light pole with the transformer on it and to the right of those other two conifers. Ah, there's the Coho again, way west of the brick chimney but pointing southeast again. Oh, view now blocked by taller houses in the way. Aha, it's 11:40 AM and Coho is beyond the house with the blue roof.

I need a camera that zooms better; want pictures at least as clear as my binoculars.

Distant murky view.

PS 12:02 PM The horn sounds, Coho pulling into harbor, well offscreen to the right...

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