Friday, January 25, 2008

Thomas Jefferson's Reading News

Thanks to lunatic users of Librarything, we can see Thomas Jefferson's Library. Read about the Jefferson project, and about other I See Dead People['s Books] projects.

You don't have to be either dead or a great statesman, though, for people to find your reading habits interesting. S. sent me a link to Art Garfunkel's 40-year reading history.

As for me, the walls of the Community House are lined with a motley and mostly elderly collection of books, and a 1986 teen novel by Bernice Selden stuck to my hand this afternoon during a seminar break. She emailed me years and years ago from New York to ask some questions about the setting for a mystery she was working on; I took the camera out that weekend and shot a roll of film for her on the highway from Kozart's Store and Tres Piedras to Tierra Amarilla. Her story was based based on the death of Navajo environmental activist Leroy Jackson, who was found dead in his vehicle somewhere along that road in 1993. Guess I better read her teen story tonight and sneak it back into the Community House in the morning...

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