Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heading for Boulder

Heading out at 0-dark-30 tomorrow for a weekend seminar in Boulder with Baker-roshi. Staying with G.H., hanging out with the sangha, listening to Roshi for three days. Then back again on Monday. Talk about really cold — looks like it will go down into single digits. But unless the forecast changes, no blizzard to trap me there, or keep me from flying out of Denver on Monday.

The Boulder seminars take place in the Community House at the Colorado Chautauqua, right next to the open hills leading to the Flatirons. Very very Boulder, and absolutely beautiful when I went to seminar there one April. Which this is not. I hope they have good heat...

Yeah, a lot of flying this month. Don't have to do it again until Tucson in March.

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Sam said...

You are everywhere. I envy you your globetrotting (what is it called when you trot on just one wedge of the globe, I wonder?). I lived in Denver for two years, youngest son born there. I miss Colorado. And the whole Boulder milieu. I hope you had fun.