Sunday, January 06, 2008

Slushy Roads, Sun Breaks, Snow Showers, Storm Surf

Beautiful ocean, beautiful ocean.
Lake Crescent After a Snow Shower


Elizabeth said...

This blog post title is almost a haiku, isn't it?
I've been feeling connected to your lovely Olympic Peninsula: we have slushy roads, too, this evening, down here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but ours do not lead to a proximate ocean...oooooh, your photographs are gorgeous!
I like checking in with your blog since I can almost get a whiff of the sea. Thanks!

mb in Port Angeles said...

Yeah (she said smugly). It took five months, but I finally got an ok photo of Lake Crescent. It's the same spot A. & I stopped last week; both of us nearly got a good reflection photo, but not quite. This time all the elements were just waiting.

Sam said...