Thursday, January 10, 2008

Five Minutes West

It rained a lot in the past day or so. When I left work I realized I had forgotten to check the online river gauge. So when I came back up to Highway 101, I changed my turn signal from left to right, and headed west to see how much water there was under the highway bridge across the Elwha River. Five minute later I was sitting in the car thrashing into my boots and rain poncho. It was pouring down rain.

I hopped out and went onto the bridge, there was plenty of room for vehicles to go by. I had however forgotten to figure in the sheets of water thrown up by any 18-wheelers that happened to be barrelling past.

When I tried to take pictures, the camera got wet, so I didn't try very hard. Not so much water; this is what 11.8 feet on the gauge looks like. The historical peak flood stage was 24.65 ft on 12/03/2007, the storm I missed when I was in Tucson.

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Sam said...

My son down in Chico (northern California valley town) went and stood in a grove of giant timber bamboo during the recent violent rain-and-wind storms there. He with his poet soul found it a life-changing experience