Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Space Between the Storms

Northwest Public Radio said there was a space between storms. And the NOAA radar and satellite images seemed to show a bubble of cloudless sky approaching the northwest corner of the state. So, though it was still raining on and off here in town, I headed towards the Ocean.

As usual, there are no photos of sights along the road. Westbound, I want to get out to Rialto as soon as ever I can, and don't want to lose even a couple of minutes. Coming home, it's either already too dark for photographs, or I'd like to get back before it gets that dark... So words only: all the streams that come down off Mount Storm King and Aurora Ridge to flow under the road into Lake Crescent were energetically foaming white, and the lake waters along the shore were a wonderful jade-blue (and I don't know why). A bald eagle crossed the road almost at windshield level by Bear Creek. It poured down rain for a stretch, then by golly cleared as predicted.

Oh yes. Blue sky, storm surf, dropping tide, lots of new bright red drift.

Waves, you know.
After a while it looked like the next weather system was moving in. But it crossed inland to the south.

It was hard to leave. Just north along the beach the receding tide was trying to leave a soup of new driftwood behind, churning and shifting it and reducing some of it to smaller pieces, then finally leaving it on the pebbles; then further down the foreshore doing the same thing again. You sure wouldn't want to be out in the water just there, it was half wood.

The next weather is still not here. Full moon in a clear sky.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like such a nice day full of weather and beauty.