Thursday, December 27, 2007

Forest in the Snow

First visitor. We set out for Neah Bay about mid-morning, stopping first to see the tribal library where I work; then headed west and ran into determined snow just before we made it to Clallam Bay. So we backtracked to the cross road to Sappho and came back through a wonderful snowstorm, in the woods and along the lake.
Forest near Fairholm in the snow. Click for larger image.

A. wanted pictures of snow, we took pictures along the road at the Fairholm turnoff, and along the lake, and here and there.

A's Snowy Road. Click for larger image.
A. Through the Windshield at Lake Crescent

It stopped by the time we reached the Elwha River, so we drove up to the upper dam. If ever she hears about its removal she'll know what it's all about. On the way we took the world's shortest hike, about a block, to Madison Creek Falls. (You seen one waterfall, you seen 'em all, but why not...) Then we had a late lunch in town, and then went out on Ediz Hook, where...

I totally fell in love with a couple of beautiful goldeneyes (Barrow's?) on the inside side of the Hook, and then-- lined up on rocks and logs on the Strait side-- were a wonderful cheerful flighty flock of black turnstones hanging out with a flock of sanderlings. Yes!

Now to hit the books about some ducks that didn't look right for wigeons but couldn't be anything else. Map.

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Sam said...

I confess to being a bird bigot. I have birded since I was 8 years old, but have excluded the water birds--swimmers--for the most part. Maybe it has something to do with being a Capricorn. Except I do love pelicans, very much. But I find the thought of learning the ducks and grebes and so on just daunting.