Saturday, November 24, 2007

Horse Survives By Goring Elk

Having said weeks and weeks ago — before taking the job with the Elwha Klallam — that I would be happy to volunteer to index the local paper, I feel obliged to follow through for at least a few months. Thus found myself this morning, half-asleep in the back room of the Public Library, typing an entry in as above in title; and didn't see until looking at the article for about the fifth time that it's actually "Horse Survives Goring By Elk: rutting wildlife bursts into a field in Forks".

Apparently all the really entertaining news comes from Forks, which is about 50 miles west of here but still in Clallam County. (My brief as an indexer is only for Clallam County, I'm to ignore articles about Jefferson County...) Forks School District may postpone completing the remodeling of the oldest portion (1925) of Forks High School because the movie company getting ready to film Twilight — a wildly popular teen novel about vampires which takes place in Forks — may want to use the leaky old school as a location. Forest poachers are working out of Forks: "Cedar thieves pilfer Peninsula cedar trees." "Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allows closure of Forks Municipal Airport for drag racing sessions."

PS Why did the vampires settle in Forks? Because the sun almost never shines. Average annual rainfall, 118 inches. In 1999, 161 inches !!!! (And they nonetheless may let the high school go on leaking...)

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