Friday, November 23, 2007

Across Ellen Creek and Through the Arch

Thanksgiving. There was a minus tide right at sunset, so the tide was falling all afternoon. Surprisingly many people apparently have the habit of reading tidetables, and assessing the weather; and a fair number of them decided to spend their bright cold Thanksgiving going through the arch called Hole-in-the-Rock, at the end of Rialto Beach...
Looking back from beyond the arch...
M. tidepooling
Rock grained like wood, wood pieces heaped like stones

Ample opportunities to get wet. Crossing Ellen Creek, falling in a tidepool, crossing the creek back again. There were anemones, sea stars (including a bright orange baby one smaller than a 50-cent piece), a nudibranch, a crab I never got a good look at on account of toppling into the adjacent pool. M. emailed this morning, "The sea star that was to your left after you sat on the rock is a Pacific Henricia, and the nudibranch (which could be a doris) is not pictured in any of my books, but some other great ones are! No picture of that exquisite flat green swimming worm. The crab you fell for is a mimulus foliatus."

What? Oh I'm fine. Plenty of stiff bent parts, and I'm mortified. Nothing that won't mend, except the getting old part.

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