Friday, October 26, 2007

So Very Happy

It's a little scary, how happy it makes me to just BE by the ocean. I arrive in the parking lot, and hear the surf, and barely take time to scramble my things together before running up the path. Rialto Beach. 9.3' tide.

That was yesterday morning. Later the same day M. got what she wanted: we drove up to Hurricane Ridge and took small hikes in a freezing wind to keep warm while we waited for the sun to set over the shining Olympic Mountains, and the full full moon to rise.

It's so right that it's ok to have to leave. All that thunder and beauty; inside I'm peaceful, and it lasts for a long time.

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Anonymous said...

"Of all the elements,the Sage should take Water as her preceptor.
Water is yielding but all-conquering.
Water extinguishes fire, or,
finding itself likely to be defeated,
escapes and re-forms.
Water washes away soft Earth, or, when confronted by rocks,
seeks a way round.
Water corrodes Iron till it crumbles to dust; it saturates the atmosphere so that Wind dies.
Water gives way to obstacles with deceptive humility,
for no power can prevent it following its destined course to the sea.
Water conquers by yielding; it never attacks but always wins the last battle.
The Sage who makes herself as Water is distinguished for her humility; she embraces passivity, acts from non-action and conquers the world.

Tao Cheng
11 Century A.D.