Friday, October 26, 2007

From the Poets' Techie

Bringing another piece of my identity to where I am now: Issue #54 of the Santa Fe Poetry Broadside, Ever/ Glade, made it to the web last weekend, three months overdue but finally finished. It was pleasing that the artist is one of my colleagues at my Former Place of Work and a former Floridian, that her linocuts fit so well with M.S.'s Everglades poems.

It could be symmetrical to let the Broadside end here, with this chapbook of the poet/editor's own work. But no. Last summer I asked N. if we could have a collection of the poems he mentioned that are orphaned, that simply didn't fit into each of his published books as he assembled them; that were left behind, over and over. He said yes, so if he hasn't changed his mind, we can see ahead to #55 — and may be safely past the possibility that having the techie/editor geographically elsewhere might kill our little webzine. It might last to its 10th anniversary after all...

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