Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sunset at Ediz Hook

Ediz Hook is a natural sandspit that protects the harbor here. Or was. When they dammed the Elwha River, the spit was starved of the masses of sediment which had formerly come down the river, and it began to erode away. It's now clad in a rock revetment, and the 'beach' side of the Hook is refreshed with cobbles and gravel as often as needed to keep it from being undermined.

No matter. It's still out there in the Strait. At sunset people drive out to listen to the waves washing against the outside of the spit, and watch the traffic in the harbor, and (as people do everywhere it's possible) wait for the sun to touch the horizon.

There were boats in the Strait. No marine mammals on view. When I lived in San Francisco I often went out to the ocean on cloudless days to watch the sun touch the horizon. As the sun slid down the sky yesterday I realized very clearly that—though I've never lived in this place before—in heading for the northwest corner, I was heading home. And have now arrived.

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a friend has said...

"Heading home" and you've arrived: oh! excellent. Beautiful.
Peering past missing you, past a bit of envy and general wistfullness, I see that I am feeling a lovely splash of vicarious joy. Thanks for your fine blog, for your often poetic way of writing and for, gosh, you!