Saturday, September 01, 2007


Orca-Live has audio again this year. It's mostly on whenever I'm home, even if the whales aren't around. You just never know when they might start calling within reach of the network of hydrophones. I keep one eye on the community page for OrcaLab updates about which pods are where, and to exchange remarks now and again with the other listeners.

Sometimes there's boat noise, alas. Johnstone Strait is a major transportation passage. The link OL gives for the audio runs in Windows Media Player. If you have trouble with that one, you can also use this RealPlayer link. Dunno what Mac people do, but they're used to taking care of themselves...

Resting Group, off Malcolm Island, August 2006

Going up there in a couple of weeks. The ability to just roll onto the ferry and head up Vancouver Island is another part of why I'm here. It's simply no longer too hard to get to the ocean.

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