Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Reading News

I'm up here in Port McNeill, B.C., to gather with some of the orca-listeners who inhabit the Orca-Live website. This is my third trip to the annual OL 'reunion', virtual friends rendezvousing in real life, and with luck seeing the orcas in real life too. Saturday will include a visit to OrcaLab itself. Altogether I will be here four nights, day-tripping on the Naiad with my friends.

More details tomorrow, but here is today's fun fact, which has nothing to do with visiting the territory of the Northern Resident orcas: I got to just load up the car and drive onto the ferry this time, and while I forgot certain rather important accoutrements (such as the cord you put on your glasses so they can't fall off your nose and over the railing of the boat), I brought a vast, an inordinate, a stupendous number of books. :-)

3 marine mammal books
3 bird books
The Geology of Southern Vancouver Island
the marine atlas
the four library books presently listed in the sidebar
another mystery from the library
four just-in-case mystery paperbacks
altogether, a glorious sufficiency.

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Anonymous said...

>four just-in-case mystery paperbacks<

Just four? rofl.