Saturday, July 14, 2007


Personal though this blog is at the moment because I lack a place of work, long term it may be that what I want is a professional voice. Perhaps here, perhaps somewhere else.

In any case I'm not empowered to give away anyone else's personal presence. This limits what pictures I can show, either here or on flickr. Nevertheless, the Heidi pilgrimage story needs a child in it. So here is S., running up the trail towards Heididorf, imagining with every step that she might be setting her feet where Heidi walked.

running with her feet where Heidi walked

More pix on flickr .

Getting online here is not altogether convenient. And all the prompts and pull downs in the programs are in German, and I can't just choose by analogy, because the machine is a Mac. Even blogger insists on assuming that since I am in Germany it should give me everything in German. But there's a little more leisure in the schedule today, and I had time to get online to find a map that shows where we are.

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