Thursday, July 19, 2007

July 15-16 : Schwarzwald

Squeezed in quite a lot of frolicing. Went for a walk around the neighborhood with N.F. and his friends who had come from Paris to sit in on his seminar (they know him from his literary life).
neighborhood of Grossherrischwand

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N.F. wanted to hang with the Paris people; K.F. wanted to hang with me and A. So we made up a party of eight (or nine when Roshi joined us) for the next two days. As soon as the seminar ended after lunch on the 15th, we rushed off in two cars to visit Heidegger's hut, nearby above Todtnauberg. That and the Morandi Museum in Bologna were N.'s two personal goals for this trip, and the young people of the French family are both Heidegger scholars. So. The Schwarzwald is quite beautiful, forests and fields, waterfalls and carefully maintained tourist towns. After the pilgrimage to Todtnauberg we stopped for beer near the big waterfall, and then had dinner somewhere, not sure which town.

On the 16th we went in caravan to Freiburg. The young people wanted a good German-language bookstore, as they have trouble browsing for German books in Paris. We had a long leisurely lunch at Roshi's favorite restaurant, and then walked around in and out of bookstores, shopping and admiring the street scenes. A subparty peeled off and shopped for a summer blouse. It was hot hot hot in Freiburg.

freiburg street
freiburg street

Then the cars rendezvous'd again for a beer at a terrace restaurant somewhere to the south of Freiburg... um... somewhere... This video from the terrace can stand in for many vistas around the Schwarzwald, over by Heidegger's hut and near the practice center and many places around.

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