Monday, June 10, 2013

Designated Duck

It's time for the Great Olympic Peninsula Duck Derby, the annual fundraiser for Olympic Medical Center. The Big Duck moved around town, letting people know where the table to buy a chance on a duck was at the moment. I 'bought' my one designated duck, #9162, when Big Duck and the signup table were at Swains General Store, and came home with a paper tying me to his number.

Big Duck styling at the Albertsons. My car parked behind him, for scale. (Click for larger image.)

A couple of weeks later, I was giving a good-luck greeting to the little ducks lined up on the signup table, which was then at Albertson's. The ladies offered me a little duck to take home. As did someone last year.

The derby was yesterday. #9162 didn't win anything for me. I hope he isn't disappointed. He and his 27,603 fellow ducks are probably by now on a truck on their way to the next small town fundraising for its safety net.

Little-buddy ducks in the kitchen. (Click for larger image.)

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