Saturday, March 09, 2013

Road Trip

WC came over on the ferry last Sunday, and drove me to Portland for the monthly medical adventure. We went to Powell's in the evening, spent the morning looking out the seventh-floor windows of OHSU's Center for Health and Healing, and had a sunny drive home, arriving with daylight to spare.

Let's jump straight to the good image: the road home, at the place along 101 North where suddenly the Olympics loom over the highway. Somewhere north of Shelton and south of Skokomish. Next time I will note what milepost, so I can say exactly where it is.

March 4, 2013. US 101 North (Click for larger image.)

I am still stable. So I am still in the trial, still a science project; and do not yet have to make decisions on the next line of treatment. We are still doing this one. Monthly trips to Portland will continue, by various means of transport. (Ferry only in the case of the driver when it's WC...)

March 3, 2013. Coho arriving in Port Angeles. Failed image. I want the ferry, the dock, and the wind turbine on the next dock, all in the same picture. (Click for larger image.)

Seventh floor view. The barge that Zidell Marine is building continues to grow. Willamette River, Ross Island Bridge.

March 4, 2013. View from the 7th floor. (Click for larger image.)

Seventh floor view. Willamette River, Marquam Bridge, Mount Saint Helens framed by the construction cranes and ever-growing pylons for the new Orange Line MAX light rail bridge. See maps. (1)(2). Portland is all about transportation. Rivers, freeways, bridges, trolleys, the light rail. I'd been getting the bridges mixed up, but no longer. Thank you

March 4, 2013. View from the 7th Floor (Click for larger image.)

Good weather, lots more daylight, a friend to distract me while we hang around OHSU, and my condition remains stable. It's all good.


robin andrea said...

Such good news! I absolutely love the photo of the Olympics. Reminds me of the stunning beauty of the whole peninsula. Hope all the good news continues and the days of longer sunlight are filled with splendid vistas.

Rocco said...

I was going to suggest Google Street View to get a sense of where on 101 the pic of the Olympics was taken, but the Sept. 2008 day that they had the car out there was apparently pretty overcast.