Sunday, February 17, 2013

Florida Does Ibises

Away in Florida doing family stuff. Not much to look at, really. Everything not plastic is paved in inhabited Florida. But there are ibises hanging around the lawns and median strips, perching on the light standards... These are photos from last month. January ibises, not February ibises.

Ibises Leaving a Parking Lot (Click for larger image.)

There is no place wild, yes I know that. Humans have amended and affected everywhere, the air the ocean the swamps and deserts and forests. But I rejected this particular way of tailoring the earth 48 years ago, moved to the west and never moved back. Tho here I am for the moment.

Ibis By Momma's Window (Click for larger image.)


robin andrea said...

It is a sad truth that the earth has been affected and amended in almost every way. It's why we look for the least ravaged places left to call home. Love seeing those ibises, though!

Anonymous said...

just dropping by to say hello