Thursday, January 10, 2013

Travelling Fool

Weeks pass. I travel, rest up from travelling, and travel again. On January 2, WC came over from Victoria on the noon ferry and we set forth for Portland. Seriously clear sunshiny day, except for mysterious foggy clouds blowing in from the west across 101, from somewhere above Shelton to Olympia. On the 3rd, beginning before sunrise, the usual medical adventures at OHSU. What was not usual was such clear weather, and a huge leisurely space in the middle of the scheduled day. We went joyriding on the aerial tram.

Mt. Hood from the Third Floor, before sunrise, 01/03/13 (Click for larger image.)
The tramway cars are called 'cabins'. (Click for larger image.)
You fly over neighborhoods. Notice the shadow of the cabin :-) (Click for larger image.)
See lots of landscape, urban and mountainous (Mt. Hood) (Click for larger image.)

You arrive on Marquam Hill at the main OHSU hospital complex.

Looking down towards OHSU's waterfront complex from the station at the top. Cabin sailing up towards us. (Click for larger image.)

For future reference. Sunrise at Ziddell Marine on the Willamette River waterfront, viewed from the windows of the Center for Health and Healing. This barge will keep growing, month by month.

01/03/13 (Click for larger image.)

We hit the road as fast as we could after the appointment, heading home. Ran into rain about the same time as we ran into darkness, at approximately Olympia. The heaviest weather was, yes, from Olympia to somewhere above Shelton; it was snowing onto the windshield in the dark, I wasn't happy. Then it lightened up, and by about Hoodsport the weather was intermittent.

Next, Florida again for family stuff. Have I mentioned lately how I hate to travel? Naturally, therefore, I must go to Portland twelve times a year, and hypotenuse the coterminous US over and over and over again, especially lately. Just for the record, it was on purpose that I moved to the west 47 years ago this month, and never moved back to the East Coast. Sigh.

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