Sunday, October 21, 2012

Volatile Weather

Did went west on Saturday, the forecast for the day was some percent showers, both in town and on the outer coast, both Saturday and Sunday. I guessed Saturday would be better. Yeah, well.

It had been windy. Berries blown off the madrona (in Canada, 'arbutus'; here, 'madrona'; in California, 'madrone') that everyone always stops to photograph along the lake:

Madrone berries, October 20, 2012 (Click for larger image.)

For a while what was probably a freezing-fog line, not a snow line, was as clear as a ruler.

(Click for larger image.)

There was a bolt of sunlight, and a rainbow. By the time I'd pulled off and leaped out of the car with the camera, already faded.

Rainbow along Lake Crescent (Click for larger image.)
Same moment. Looking the other way, a whole different weather (Click for larger image.)

In places the bigleaf maples were fully turned to pure yellow, other places the vine maples gone red. Further along the road, it poured for a few minutes.

At Rialto Beach it kept changing. Between rainshowers I would sit on a log and read, moving on again when drops began to fall on the book.

James Island, October 20, 2012, Rialto Beach (Click for larger image.)
When it rained, all the other people magically disappeared (Click for larger image.)
Ellen Creek runs into the ocean. Soundscape for Cee.

Left early, to have time to go look for jumping salmon on the Sol Duc River. Left in fact just in time. The next weather event was a three-minute sleet storm...

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