Friday, October 05, 2012

Outer Coast Beach Day (1)

Rialto Beach, October 1, 2012. We had everchanging colors, almost-sun, a plenitude of kelp. DG wandered slowly, endlessly photographing the drift logs, the ghost forest. A few pelicans passed by, mostly solitary.

Changing Sky, and Kelp Array (Click for larger image.)
Kelp Knotted By Waves, and By a Knot-Maker (Click for larger image.)

Then we drove around to La Push, to eat lunch by the windows of the River's Edge Restaurant, and look for more pelicans. Some fish were definitely running out there. Fisherman were out tending their nets; and there were gulls, and pelicans, and seals in the river.

River, harbor. La Push, October 1, 2012 (Click for larger image.)

Heavy fog moved in; but not complaining: we had hours longer of good weather than we expected. PG thought she saw elk back under the trees in the field by the Bogachiel, but we couldn't stop because there was roadwork. We went home and had a fine fancy dinner at the Asian Bistro.

En route, we had looked for elk anywhere there had ever been elk before: on Beaver Prairie, and on Quillayute Prairie, and by the bridge over the Bogachiel River. No elk. However, there had also lately been a pelican deficit, and that was cured. Those pelicans in the air off Rialto, a few more pelicans in the river at La Push among the gulls and fishermen (no pix). Any day with a pelican in it is a good day...

A Few Blue Moments. Soundscape for Cee.

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