Monday, September 03, 2012

Transportation Notes

On Thursday morning, Rhapsody of the Seas was at the Dallas Road cruise ship dock in Victoria. In the evening, Rhapsody had left for Seattle to unload the present crop of passengers on Friday morning, load up a new bunch, and set forth again; Celebration Infinity was sitting in the same place, her passengers presumably still running around Victoria, but she would be in Seattle by morning.

August 30. Rhapsody of the Seas in Victoria. (Click for larger image.)
August 30. Celebration Infinity in Victoria, (Click for larger image.)

On Friday evening we were out on Ediz Hook in Port Angeles, when Rhapsody and Infinity came by to drop off their pilots before heading up to Juneau with the new crop of passengers... I can't say that EBD found the fact that they were the same ships of riveting interest.

August 31. Rhapsody and Infinity off Port Angeles, on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. (Click for larger image.)

On Sunday morning at 0-dark-30 she flew home to Florida.

At Fairchild International Airport in Port Angeles, September 2. (Click for larger image.)

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