Monday, July 09, 2012

Dam News ; and Lunchtime at the Harbor

John Gussman has posted photos from a flight along the Elhwa River on a clear blue day (apparently July 5). Check out the Glines Canyon dam as seen from upstream, fifth image from the top. Go look right now, then compare it to dam cam's familiar angle on the downstream side. Woo hoo, Mr. Gussman, I totally can't WAIT for your film. [Much later: link doesn't work any more. Mr. Gussman's sharings are transient.]

Glines Canyon Dam, on the Dam Cam (Click for larger image.)

Happy to be home. I was at the tribal library in the morning, and messing around in the Electronic Documents Library database at the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary office in the afternoon. Lunchtime, met a friend down at the harbor. Pacific Basin's Astoria Bay is loading logs at the T-pier, though all was quiet when I passed by, they were on lunch break. When I got to the Landing, the ferry's doors had just closed, and he was about to set off for Victoria.

Astoria Bay, loading. (Click for larger image.)
Trees Are People Too: Each Log Has an Individual Identity. (Click for larger image.)
The ferry, Coho; two water taxis; and Expeditions Northwest's harbor cruise boat (Click for larger image.)

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