Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shiny New

New prayer flags. The oldest ones were shredded by a couple of winters of wind, and even the more recent ones had faded, no color remaining. I had the idea I should keep the old ones as long as the prayers were legible, but some web sites say to replace them annually. I hung the new ones in the morning of a sunny windy day.

New (Click for larger image.)
Fading (Click for larger image.)

I'll be in Florida doing family stuff for the next week. Keep your eye on the dam cams while I'm gone. The current 'fish window'— during which they stopped work in the river itself for two months to protect the salmon redds from silt— ends tomorrow, and they will be blasting at Glines Canyon. You should be able to see workmen doing prep work now and again, and then suddenly the dam will be three or so feet lower.

Workmen doing prep for the next blasting, June 13 (Click for larger image.)

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