Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Out With My Pail and Shovel

It was blue out. This remained the case all the way from home...

June 20, 2012. Mount Angeles and the Near Olympics From My Corner (Click for larger image.)

to about a minute away from the Rialto Beach parking lot. At the pull-out over the river there was blue sky overhead, the jetty immediately behind the beach was misty, and no ocean and no James Island were visible.

The River Reflects Blue Overhead, but the Fog Starts At The Jetty and The Ocean Is Gone (Click for larger image.)
Soundscape for Cee, and also for @xeni

There was not much litter or wrack, mostly just kelp.

A lot of presumably-little-bitty birds singing in the forest behind the beach, and a few gulls; no other birds.

Cake Rock and Dahdayla Island Emerge (Click for larger image.)
James Island (Click for larger image.)

PS. No pail and shovel, really. Picked up just one handful of really small flat smooth dark stones. This post is for @xeni, showing her the beach I know as a sort of hug; and for @helgagrace, in gratitude for the encouragement this morning which got me on the road.

Thank you, Olympic National Park.

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