Friday, April 06, 2012

Busy Little Harbor

Yesterday the harbor was full of big ships. I met JL down by the ferry dock for breakfast at Smuggler's Landing. The ferry sailed, the water taxi Sealth Arrow came and went with so many ships to be carrying people to and from.

Coho leaving the dock, with FPMC 25 behind (Click for larger image.)

The sun shone on a bright red tanker, FPMC 25 (ooh I love red ships, I don't know why); on the chip carrier Brilliant Pioneer; on the tankers Teesta Spirit and Alaskan Explorer; and on whomever else was hanging around. In the late afternoon, after my shift up at the college library, I was back down there to work at the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary office for a while, and when I left around 4:30PM, FPMC was still there. She sailed a little while later as JL was leaving her office ("I watched it sail away. Beautiful in the late afternoon sun," she emailed me), and when next I checked she was already out on the Strait;

FMPC 25 on just after she sailed (Click for larger image.)

Her last reported position was down the Oregon Coast, heading for San Francisco.

Brilliant Pioneer with chip hoppers (?) over the holds; the snow-dotted mountains of Vancouver Island showing across the Strait (Click for larger image.)

To the south the Olympics remained somewhat murky, as they have for days.

The View South From the Second Floor of the Landing (Click for larger image.)

Ocean Cape is back at the City Pier. I think there's a story I'm supposed to know about that one.

Ocean Cape (Click for larger image.)

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