Saturday, March 31, 2012

Awfully Far Away At the Moment

Wandering the web, thinking about there even though I'm in Florida, nearabout as far away as I can be. With the help of Mike Sato's SalishSea News and Weather, and twitter, and the PDN and the dam webcams, I may be 3500 miles away, but my head is still immersed in stories of home.

The arrival of a derelict fishing boat off the Queen Charlotte Islands means NOAA has had to begin changing its tsunami debris models, though they apparently still never acknowlege that Ebbesmeyer and Ingraham have been saying the same thing for six months. Seattle Times has a wonderful story about the Puget Sound pilots who work out of the pilot station at Port Angeles harbor, and another great story about revegetation work in the lake bottoms exposed by the deconstructn of the dams on the Elwha. The dead killer whale L112 died of an explosion. This is going to be a huge ongoing story, and will affect how my friends at the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary can do their work.

It's been raining all week up home, and we are good for snow in the mountains (1) (2). Other places I care about doing not nearly so well for precip and water-storage in the mountains, but it's dang hard to blog via the iPad. Will stop here...

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