Monday, February 20, 2012

Now This Is More Like

The days are way longer, and the minus tides have shifted along the clock as well. Look out, wildlife, we have minus tides by daylight. It was dropping dropping dropping all afternoon at Salt Creek.

The tide pools at Tongue Point begin to emerge, February 19, 2012 (Click for larger image.)

There were people out everywhere, kayaking, surfing, rock hopping, heading for the tidepools even while they were still awash. Girls playing Christian rock on a little boombox and singing praise songs barefoot on the cold wet sand. People everywhere being there, actively being there.

Kayakers Passing, Canada on the Other Side (Click for larger image.)

Now. You could get out there already now, if you were young and rock-hoppy. (Click for larger image.)

We drove around to the beach access in Crescent Bay and had the exquisite pleasure of wandering out towards the little island with our feet on the emerging ground...

... (Click for larger image.)

... (Click for larger image.)

The tide pools and the little island under/surrounded by water, in posts from November and December. PS A. says I must tell you that the Jesus girls were writing inspirational messages in the sand, directives from Our Heavenly Father to be happy, to praise, to be in the sunshine...

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