Friday, January 20, 2012


On Tuesday it did this:

Snowy Morning on the Deck, January 17, 2012. (Click for larger image.)

We just looked at the world through web cams, and stayed put.

First Beach Webcam, January 17, 2012 (Click for larger image.)

Glines Canyon Dam Cam, January 17, 2012 (Click for larger image.)

That was four inches, maybe. Wet stuff. Wednesday maybe another four inches sifted down. Dry stuff. Driveway was shoveled Tuesday late, but then people drove up and down on the Wednesday whitestuff, turning it snowpacked-and-icy and not shovel-able. It's a messy icy heap down there at the bottom. We'll need chains to drive the first 30 feet, no matter how fast it warms up today. (Well, because we're timid old ladies. NOBODY barreling along the cross street on the packed snow is wearing chains.)

My houseguest hates and fears the Evil White. She has spent days staring out the window, making sure it is not Coming To Get Her. We had books to read, and internet connectivity, and food. But slowly we got cabin fever. Twitch twitch.

Entertainment on the DamCam, Two Guys Hanging from a Swear-to-God Sky Hook. January 19, 2012 (Click for larger image.)

The main bulk of the storm hit south of Puget Sound and into Oregon. We will have to wait until the Snotel maps are updated to see if it did any good where it is desperately needed, the bone dry Sierra Nevada... Now it looks like there's a pretty good swell edging towards the California coast. Will they call the Mavericks surf contest? Are the 24 official bigwave surfers heading to their airports around the globe??

Ocean Prediction Center, January 20, 2012 (Click for larger image.)

The cam on Hurricane Ridge is covered with ice. There are pix in my own camera of the street yesterday, but I'm too much of a slug to download them. Good thing this happens only about once every other year.

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Sky said...

I will email you some shots of our snow here on the eastside. looks like you got a good bit yourself! pretty but we were glad to see it go after 10 days and 2 or more inches of frozen precip on top of it that created a power outage, downed trees on the back of our property, gardens filled with limbs, and no cable even when the power was later restored. a few days later a windstorm rendered us without power again. rough couple of weeks here.