Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ships for the Watcher

A tanker at Terminal 1, a log ship at Terminal 3 ('the T-pier')— action on offer for this week's visitors. The window of the office I work in at NOAA when I'm doing data entry for their Electronic Library looks along the harbor, across the ferry terminal loading lanes towards where the working ships hang out. There's Alaskan Explorer, and behind her IVS Kwaito.

Window with a view. Explorer and Kwaito, and no cars yet for the ferry. (Click for larger image.)

So when I leave the NOAA office it's sunset, but I whip around to the docks. They're loading.

Ships, Friday evening (Click for larger image.)
Kwaito and Explorer tail to tail. (Click for larger image.)

Saturday noonish I go to check on the action, and find that it's lunch hour for the log truck drivers. About a dozen trucks sitting ready, and Nothing Moving. Alaskan Explorer has left, Terminal 1 is empty. The man in the guard shack and I agree we think that Kwaito must be bound for China, because the logs are peeled. Then I hustle off to the airport to pick up AD and KF.

Vair vair quiet at the T-Pier, December 17 noon. (Click for larger image.)

Lunch Hour for the Log Truck Drivers, December 17

It's one of those days when I stubbornly see sun breaks in the forecast. About to round up KF and AD, and haul us out to the Outer Coast.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Oh Oh, loading the logs! What an amazing process, what coordination and cooperation it must require. And I bet those workers just do it without thinking about it very much. Maybe when I visit, someone will be loading something. One can hope.