Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Later The Same Day

It's still Sunday afternoon. We're in La Push, overlooking First Beach. The tide has turned, and steelhead are coming up the river. Steller's sea lions are working the river mouth, diving around, barking. (We know it's steelhead because one of the other watchers on the point is a fisherman.)

The sun came out, transforming the world.

Looking Towards Quileute Needles. First Beach, December 18, 2011 (Click for larger image.)
Toothiness: a sea lion pops up (Click for larger image.)
In the Sun, Suddenly Two Eagles Stand Out, La Push harbor, 12/18/11 (Click for larger image.)
The Quileute school in La Push (Click for larger image.)
Long Soft View Across First Beach. This Time of Year the Gray Whales Are Far Out To Sea, and Southbound, So We Are Not Seeing Them, But They'd Have Hidden Anyway If They Were There... (Click for larger image.)

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TS McCormick said...

Lovely pastels, and moisting air.
Did you get the new camera, or is your TBR book on digital photography kicking in? also see a tome by MP on Bhutan...still the world traveler? Guess she left PA for you to take care of, which you are doing.
Merry,Happy to you and your accomplices (sp?) on today's adventures. I think we're headed to San Ildefonso. love, tm.