Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunny Day for Two

Saturday had the best weather forecast all week, so we planned it for our beach day despite snow on the deck and a snow shower over the Strait at dawn. It began to lighten up, forecast remained steadfast in its certainty that we would have some sun at the ocean. PH and I started assembling lunches and gear, and headed west.

November 19, 2011, morning. Storm has passed by... (Click for larger image.)

Lake Crescent was showing off.

November 19, 2011. Lake Crescent, mid-morning (Click for larger images.)

No elk on Beaver Prairie. But yes, sunshine at the beach. (We have no idea what the day may have been doing back here in town. We were out there.) We devoted ourselves to sitting on a log, reading our books and eating our lunch and taking pictures now and again. The tide finished going out, then began coming back in again.

Rialto Beach (Click for larger images.)

We stopped at the overlook by the river to look for seals, ducks, or eagles. Out of consideration for PH's un-electronic sensibilities, I did not take advantage of the good signal there to fire up the iPad, check email and twitter. PH spotted an eagle sitting down in the river, its white head moving about. It shifted to a branch sticking up out of the water, then flew stately across our field of view and disappeared into the trees on the other side of the river. I wanted credit for having manifested the eagle as well as the sunny day; PH thought she got the credit for having manifested the eagle, since she spotted it.

Then we drove around to La Push and parked out on the point for a while.

From La Push, looking south along First Beach, the view where I didn't see whale #1 all last season, and not for lack of trying (Click for larger image.)
From La Push, looking west (Click for larger image.)
From La Push, looking north. Little James Island, Quileute River. That's Rialto Beach over there beyond the jetty (Click for larger image.)

No elk on Beaver Prairie on the return journey either. As we got closer to town it looked like there may have been fresh snow showers.


Anonymous said...

What a nice progression from grey skies to blue skies. Looks like a good day.

robin andrea said...

Absolutely beautiful day you had there. Always love your ocean photos.