Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Monday. Over a couple of hours, the weather cleared, the tide crested, the swell subsided. It wasn't nearly as wild as I'd hoped, and the surf never washed over the top of the berm. I was watching one particular log to see if it would move at the height of the tide. Move yes, wash-away not.

Rialto Beach, about 2 hours before high tide, November 29, 20111 (Click for larger image.)
Later (Click for larger image.)
Soundscape for Cee
More soundscapes

Later we went around to the La Push side of the river and sat for a while on the point, looking sometimes towards First Beach, sometimes back north (the river, the boat harbor, Rialto Beach beyond), sometimes straight out west.

Jayden Bay coming out of La Push harbor, September 29, 2011 (Click for larger image.)

Same image, closer up; notice Hole-in-the-Wall at the far end of Rialto Beach in the distance... (Click for larger image.)

Jayden Bay heading out towards the Quileute River mouth, James Island behind her (Click for larger image.)

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