Saturday, November 05, 2011


Accumulating distraction reports: On Wednesday took PG out to Salt Creek County Park. The tide was coming in, she couldn't really see how Tongue Point emerges from the Strait covered all over with kelp and tidepools. There were lots of harlequin ducks, and some black oystercatchers (lo-o-o-o-ve oystercatchers). Also merganser, an eagle, a grebe, some cormorants.

Then we went on out to Ediz Hook. There were great blue herons, a loon, buffleheads, sanderlings, dunlin, lots of wigeons, a red knot (unusual; we had trouble believing we had it but we did). Also lots of harbor seals hauled out on a log raft.

Tongue Point going under the waves, November 2, 2011 (Click for larger image.)
Island in green water, Salt Creek County Park (Click for larger image.)
Great Blue Heron on the boom by the pilot station. Port Angeles beyond. (Click for larger image.)

Friday we went to the ocean. The forecast was for clouds but instead we had a day like this:

Rialto Beach, November 4, 2011 (Click for larger image.)

Stupid blogger changed the interface, I have to reload these, but for now...

Soundscape for Cee
At Ellen Creek (Click for larger image.)
The 360

Saturday evening, back out on the Hook, lots of ducks and a not-a-duck. Some experienced birders also couldn't figure it out. This morning PG thinks maybe it was a pigeon guillemot. Also we had scoters, wigeons, buffleheads, mergansers, harlequins, and not a single eagle.

November 5. American wigeons in Port Angeles Harbor (Click for larger image.)
November 5. Klahane Ridge and Mount Angeles emerge above Port Angeles (Click for larger image.)

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