Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ocean Again

The Ocean Prediction Center forecast something like 12-foot swell. Barely noticable on the beach, right? Wrong. Hello, winter surf, you've been almost forgotten, so glad to see you again.

October 9, 2011, about 2 hours past high tide (Click for larger image.)

This was a COASST survey day. Needed actual beach to survey. Even at 90 minutes past the high tide, no beach to speak of. I set out anyway, immediately caught by water washing into the drift and up above the knee (thank heavens for rainpants and waterproof boots), retreated to a log and just watched and listened for another half-hour or so.

No dead birds, though on the Rialto Jetty beach segment there could have been any number hiding under the accumulated drying foam. Which is always painful to see since Akashiwo caused all those dead birds two years ago (1), (2), (3), but apparently not causing harm under present circumstances. Pelicans, crows, gulls. Misty, sometimes very misty, but essentially sunny and warm.

Pelicans in the mist (Click for larger image.)
Piles of foam always spooky, but not actually harmful... (Click for larger image.)

The tide did eventually recede, the sea surface less wild. Last weekend's fresh wrack lines along the Ellen Creek beach segment had been swept away, the beach clean and bare.

At Ellen Creek, October 9, 2011 (Click for larger image.)
Later afternoon (Click for larger image.)

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IJ said...

Whole beach looked spooky. Probably as you said difference from Summer to Winter. Ocean anew, more than again, huh?