Thursday, September 01, 2011

Sailed for Shanghai

Monday afternoon Pacific Logger was still loading. It sure looked full to me, but none of the load was lashed down. I asked a couple of truckdrivers who were in waiting position, shooting the breeze together, when she would sail. 'Tomorrow,' said one. 'Supposed to be at 5 PM today,' the other said, 'but it's not lashed down yet, and they sure won't bring on another gang this evening...' Sure looks full to me, I said. 'The wood is very dry, no weight. They can pack a lot more on,' the second driver answered.

August 29, afternoon, loading Pacific Logger (Click for larger image.)

(Saturday morning, got a nice video of the logloader at work, the machine that SA calls 'Biter'.)

August 27, morning, loading

Tuesday afternoon sometime, she sailed for Shanghai. You can't find out where she's going until she sails and one of the tracking sites shows the destination.

Image from (Click for larger image)

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